Surya Aradhya

1) One has to take a bucket or dish of plain water to a Thulsi plant or clean tree or plant.


2) Take the water in both palms with the thumbs facing upwards.



3) As you are about to offer the water, lifting your right foot or heel hence you would be standing on your left foot.











4) Offer three offerings of the water with the following mantra.

*Om Ghrinih Suryaye Namah


5) Proceed by turning clockwise seven times reciting the following mantra.

*Yaani Kaani Chaapa Paani Janamahthar Krithaani Cha

Thaani Thaani Vinayashyanthi Pradakshanaam Padhe Padhe


6) On a Sunday it is compulsory to add a red flower with your last offering of water.

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