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According to historians, the time western explorers set foot on the banks of the Sindu River; they observed a group of indigenous people living lives rooted in spiritual practices. These people later became known as Hindus. Their lives ultimate aim was god realisation. Thus Hinduism has proven itself as “a way of life” and not just a religion.
At the break of dawn many Hindus begin their day with prayer. Prayer plays a vital and invaluable role in one’s life. It serves as a communion between oneself and the all mighty.
With the blessing and guidance of our Revered Gurudev, His Holiness Swami Ganesh Dutta Shukla, we have taken the initiative of compiling this prayer book with the aim that it will serve the community at large as a guide with informative notes on prayers that are practiced daily in many households. The prayers have been extracted from the Rig Vedh and Yajur Vedh.
Translation from Sanskrit to English does not always do justice to express the essence of the Sanskrit meaning. However we have provided a translation for simple understanding.
It is our desire and faith that we continue to shine the light of our dharma into the future and younger generations.
Jai Shree Gurudev  

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