Gurudev was born in Siwan, Bihar– India. His father was a Gaur Brahmin and his religious family followed the Sanathan Dharma. Gurudev grew up in an atmosphere of pooja and bhakthi bhav and followed this path diligently.  At the age of 5, Gurudev visited the Kumbh Mela in Prayag and towards the latter part of his youth, he was greatly influenced by renowned saints, namely Shree Shankarachaya, Shree Karpatriji and Tyagiji, to such an extent he has not missed the annual Prayag Religious Camp.


Gurudev graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from the prestigious DAV College at Bihar University in Siwan. He began his career as a lecturer and then moved into the commercial field of marketing, personal management and industrial relations at the L.N Mishra Institute of Business Management in Patna. 

His spiritual calling was however too powerful that Gurudev immediately ended the life of an industrialist and began his mission to serve God by spreading his knowledge and light to the ignorant souls around the world.

On the 20 January 1982, Gurudev was in the mandhir reciting the Sundar Kand when his Isht Dev Bhagvan Shree Hanuman appeared before him. It was Hanumanjis decree that Gurudev embarked and devoted himself to Manav Seva, and immediately, Gurudev began and committed to this service.


Gurudev is a strict vegetarian and his day begins at 3:00am, pooja sandhaya and meditation goes on until 6am. Lectures, seminars and satsangs have become a routine feature with his day ending at 11pm.

Armed with the Ramcharitmanas as the platform he adopted the title "Manas Prachaarak". After a decade of dedicated service in India, Gurudev arrived to a conclusion that his services for the revival of the fast fading practices of the value of Hindu Scriptures was more pronounced abroad.

In 1993, Gurudev set out on a self financed trip to Mauritius; it was Gods will which he followed. Gurudev visited Mauritius again in 1994 where he was noticed by the organisers of the World Hindu Conference. The organisers of the conference were greatly impressed with Gurudev’s knowledge and discourses that he received a personal invitation to the World Hindu Conference in 1995 to be held at Chatsworth Stadium in Durban, South Africa. The theme of the conference was “"Hinduism- vision for the 21st century"”. About thirty luminaries from all over the world including U.S.A, U.K, Netherlands, Nepal and Ghana participated, Gurudev was the youngest among them all and had the pleasure to share podium with the likes of the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Barti to name a few.


Gurudev has delivered discourses in India, Mauritius, South Africa, U.K, and U.S.A and thus has received invitations from many religious organisations to join them. He is a committed crusader and not one to be bound by rules and regulations and declined all the invitations. 

Gangan Pant, a journalist of the Hindustan Times Sunday, wrote an article about Gurudev, calling him the “Prophet of our times”.

In 2006 Gurudev achieved one of his life goals; he built the Hanuman Mandhir in Siwan, Bihar on the original site where his grandfather had built more than a century ago. The temple took one year, ten months and twenty eight days to complete. Inside the beautiful mandhir stands the 11,5ft magnificent murthi of Lord Hanuman, which has been carved from a single block of makrana marble.

The inauguration of the mandhir took place on 3 February 2006 and the festivities continued until the 7 February 2006 when the 31st annual Sundar Kand Paat was conducted by Gurudev. 

Gurudev has been conducting the Sundar Kand Paat for the past three decades and to date has not missed a single rendition of the annual Sundar Kand Paat. The annual celebration is attended by thousands of Gurudevs devotees from all around the world including the Prime Minister of Mauritius The Honourable, Navinchandra Ramgoolam and the Chief Minister of Bihar the honourable, Nitish Kumar.

Since his arrival in South Africa in 1994, Gurudev has been traveling bi-annually to deliver the Shree Raam Katha discourses throughout the country.


Gurudev is greatly loved and adored by thousands of devotees and dikshits who flock to his awaited Raam Kathas likewise Gurudev loves all his devotees and takes time from his hectic schedule to meet each one personally. Gurudev blesses his devotees with a spiritual prescription to make their human experience a better one. 


Jai Shree Gurudev

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